Chapter 10

Lo’ranan made his way on foot through the southern section of Xiphos. The going was slower than he would have liked – instead of weaving through the milling populace he had to allow for men and women to make way for his cart to pass by. Eventually he passed through the gate and, seeing Anastasia […]

Chapter 9

No sooner had Lo’ranan lost sight of Anastasia through the people on the street than one of the town prefects emerged from Dr. Keith’s and approached him. “Lo’ranan,” he began with the tell-tale voice of one trying to disguise concern. “I was having breakfast with the physician when you brought Trago – a good showing […]

Chapter 8

Lo’ranan turned away from the door and was surprised to see Anastasia walking toward him from the attached apothecary. She called out, but in front of the building a crowd had gathered to inquire about Trago, and her voice was drowned out by the noise. He jogged to meet her and, still not being able […]