Chapter 6

Early the next morning Lo’ranan awoke. Sar was still asleep at the table as he slipped out of his room, grabbed a crust of bread and some cheese for breakfast, took his ax from its place by the door, and left. Outside he gathered the horses and hitched them to the cart. He drew some […]

Chapter 5

Lo’ranan arrived home about half an hour later, when the light of the day was just starting to wane. He unhitched the horses from the cart one-by-one, and led them into the corral that sat about twenty meters from the house. He fed and watered the three, taking special care to rub Quinlan down before […]

Chapter 4

Lo’ranan left Xiphos through the south gate an hour later. It was late afternoon. As the town receded behind him he continued south as the road became rocky and uneven. At length he saw a white-haired figure from behind, sitting on a rock with a crook in hand and looking out over a flock of […]

Chapter 3

Up ahead, the town of Xiphos was in view. Its stone walls rose up two stories in height, completely encircling the town proper, which was one and a half kilometers from one side to the other. Four gates – one at each cardinal direction – were the main entrances and exits for the town, and Lo’ranan […]

Chapter 2

Lo’ranan’s course towards the town of Xiphos took him past the Skeine Inn and Tavern.  The busy season had clearly begun, as the thaw of winter had given way to warmer traveling weather for merchants and businessmen. While individuals and small groups of travelers routinely made use of the inn, the large caravans that came […]

Chapter 1

Lo’ranan was alone. He smiled. He swung the ax again at the base of the tree, squinting his eyes against the wood and bark that flew outward from each impact. The tree shuddered and tipped, crashing to the ground. 9 strokes, Lo’ranan thought to himself. A personal best. After wiping his brow to clear the […]


Nathan’s whip cracked, rallying his comrades around him. Together in the dawn’s early rays they defended against their enemies – their friends. They were too few of them – the half dozen who had left mere days ago to hunt down the wolves that had been menacing their village since winter. Upon their return, the […]